Monday, October 20, 2008


Marriage Proposals
...A funny thing happened the other day. You suddenly found yourself thinking about marriage proposals and diamond rings. And not just diamond rings, either, but those other big expensive things that go along with 'me. You know weddings.Well, let us be the first to say: Congratulations! If you're wondering: Is the time right to propose? How will I know its time to propose marriage? Or what am I in for? Don't sweat it. These are the questions behind THE question; that's why we're here. We'd like to help with the answers and share with you the very best marriage proposals

We met through photography. There was a wine tasting going on at a local restaurant. In pursuit of my new hobby, I took my camera and got permission from the owner to take photographs. As I went around, I noticed a guy watching me, and I got him in a few of my shots. After I clicked the shutter, he came directly up to me and asked if he could help me. He doesn't like having his picture taken (by strangers, at least)!